‘New Normal’ Stories of Grit, Resilience and Perseverance

Hny 2021: It has been 8 months since the Philippines recorded its first Coronavirus case on the 30th of January, 2020. Everyone’s life is at stake of getting infected happy new year 2021 in usa. As the recorded cases increases, the level of anxiety and depression accelerates. Many business establishment are losing revenue; workers lost their jobs; unemployment and poverty follows, students adapting and coping up with their current learning modes and, of course, the country’s frontlines and health care workers who are risking their lives.

Source: https://helonational.com/hny-2021/

All people around the world are affected and adapting to this so-called “new normal.” Every movement has its restrictions, wearing those annoying face masks or face shields and observing social distancing.

And for 8 months, we have not developed a vaccine yet. While everybody is complaining, staying in their houses and praying; there are those who chose to fight despite the situation. These kind of people are the kind of people we should always keep on our side. These kind of people are the sources of hope and inspiration. Their strength, grit and resilience against the pandemic are something we should all have.

For today’s article, we have chosen to feature three different people with their stories of grit and resilience despite the pandemic.

First we have, Dr. Carmina Fuentebella, she is one of those countless brave health care professionals who fearlessly stepped on the way and battled with Covid-19. At the UST Hospital, where she works, she saw closely how the virus can destroy the human body and how patients who got sick of Covid-19 needed care.

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.ch/helonational/happy-new-year-2021/

Eventually, she contracted the disease herself before her 27th birthday which she celebrated as a Covid-19 patient. There she was placed in an isolated room which was very similar to her patients when she was giving care. In her interview with INQUIRER.net, Dr. Fuente Bella narrates her struggle to survive and beat Covid-19.

She narrates how hard it was in an isolated room where she felt like she was being killed slowly, she could literally feel the clock ticking every second. She almost lost hope and even question God why she had to suffer such misfortune— for she was just doing her job as a doctor. She almost felt like giving up.

On her 27th birthday celebration, she said she had no any expectations, but when she woke up in the morning she saw the nurses putting up a banner that says, “Happy Birthday,” on the walls. And her friends got to prepare cakes, and residents from the same department even came and sang a “Happy birthday song” fully dressed in their PPE’s. She also received many video greetings than her past birthdays.

Dr. Fuentebella was also asked if after her recovery, would she be able to return as a frontliner, and she said yes, saying it is a doctor’s job to take care his patients, but it takes more than just knowledge of medicine to fully cure those who are suffering.

And with empathy, she hoped to let her patients know that they are not carrying the burden of their illness alone, that there is someone who will fight with them-the same way all those people who did to her. There she prayed for faster recovery, and she was grateful for her friends, relatives, families and other people who are always there for her. Now, she already had recovered from the Coronavirus and regaining her strength to fight again.

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